Prepare tO land

Projekt Z is a free-to-play first-person shooter set in a WW2 Zombie scenario on a secret German island. The game focuses around the "Projekt Z", a project run by the Nazis to turn Zombies, which have been discovered on the island earlier, into weapons to turn the war around in Nazi Germany's favor.

The game


Next Generation
coop survival

With "Projekt Z" we want to combine the casual and the hardcore market by implementing a bit of both. This game is inspired by "Left4Dead" and should offer an interesting story for each character in the game.

Core Features

Explore A Large Secret German Island

Play as a diverse crew of survivors, each with their own unique abilities, to unravel the secrets of the Nazi-controlled island. Play through an intense campaign full of ups and downs and discover the story of the first 4 playable story characters!

Manage And Build out Your Hideout

Go on Story or Supply missions and search for resources. Build sleeping areas, crop fields, pharmacies, gunsmiths, and more! But be aware that some of those need resources on a daily bases.

Manage And Take Care Of Your Survivors

Find resources to give the people in your hub a chance to survive. Find other Survivors during the missions and bring them into your Hideout! But be aware every decision you and your friends make will influence the morale inside the hub. Decide what will happen to the people that do not follow the rules, be a leader and prioritize the resources you find.

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Is Projekt Z coming to console?

Consoles are on the table, and we would love to bring Projekt Z to PlayStation and Xbox, but of course, this needs time and resources. We will have a milestone during our Kickstarter campaign this year, and if we reach that goal, we can 100% promise you that Projekt Z will come to console.

Where can I purchase ProjektZ?

Projekt Z is not available yet, but you can wishlist the game on steam or take part in an alpha test when it’s available by baking our Kickstarter.

How much does the game cost?

Projekt Z is totally free. You can play the entire game from start to end without paying anything. Of course, we have to make some money to keep the development going. For that, we will release paid Story expansions, cosmetic items, and a Battlepass which only includes cosmetic items. We will also bring a lot of free content as well after the full release of the game, but let's do everything step by step.

Can I play ProjektZ with my friends?

ProjektZ is build from the ground up to play with your friends.

Is ProjektZ an open-world experience?

Projekt Z is not an open-world experience. You will be able to explore large areas within a mission. Survive and scavenge for loot to secure the surviving of your Community.

Where can I find ProjektZ on social media?

We are available on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook!

Is there a program for Creators?

Yes, Projekt Z will be developed with the Community in mind. We’re always looking for feedback from the Community. If you are a Content Creator, please visit our Creator Program page and apply to be part of the ProjektZ Community!

What languages will be supported at launch?

Projekt Z will be playable in English (US & UK), Italian, French, German, and Polish more to come!