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The World has Collapsed

You have the Hideout, you can craft weapons, ammo, and other consumables here. You will also be able to build structures inside the Hideout (similar to Fallout 4's settlement building). From the Hideout, you start missions. Missions belong to a story arch and can influence each other, depending on the order in which you do them.

Projekt Z is a first-person coop survival shooter set in a WW2 Zombie scenario on a secret German island. The game focuses on the threat of "Projekt Z", a clandestine program run by the Nazis to turn Zombies, which have been discovered on the island earlier, into weapons to help turn the tide of the war in Nazi Germany's favor.

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General questions

Q: What kind of game is Projekt Z™: Beyond Order?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order is an atmospheric First-Person Zombie Co-Op-Shooter set in WW2. Play as a diverse crew of survivors, each with their own unique abilities, to unravel the secrets of the Nazi-controlled island. Build up your Hideout and manage your survivors to fight against the Projekte that the Nazis have created.

Q: Who is developing Projekt Z™: Beyond Order?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will be developed by 314 Arts, a German Game Development Studio.

Q: Does Projekt Z™: Beyond Order have a publisher?

A: Yes, Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will be published by Maximum Entertainment.

Q: On which platforms will Projekt Z™ available on?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will be available on PC/Steam, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5.

Q: Is there a censorship setting in the game?

A: At this time of development, we’re discussing the option for a censorship setting, so that everybody has the opportunity to play Projekt Z™: Beyond Order.

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