CoOp Shooter set in WW2

With "Projekt Z" we want to combine the casual and the hardcore market by implementing a bit of both.
This game is inspired by "Left4Dead" and should offer an interesting story for each character in the game.

About projekt z

Projekt Z is an atmospheric First-Person Zombie Co-Op-Shooter set in WW2. In this game, you get to play different characters, who have very different abilities, to find out more about the secrets of the German island you all crashed on.
Projekt Z is not for everybody because in this game everything can go wrong
from weapon malfunction to bleeding out and minimal HUD!

Gore System

Separate Body Parts With ease

Realistic Weapon System

Immersive Weapon System, Realistic Reload

NEXT-GEN Graphics

Achieved with Unity HDRP

Minimal User Interface

Truly immerse yourself

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The Newest Devlog

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FREquently Asked Questions

How can we support the game?

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For now, you can support Projekt Z by sharing it on social media and with your friends. Post your media content on any Social Media Channels under the #PlayProjektZ to have a chance to play the Alpha when it comes out.

Is this game coming to consoles?

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Consoles are a possibility, but we cannot make promises yet.

How much does the game cost?

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The game itself will be free to play. Information about how we want to monetize the game will be published in a dedicated video.

When is the game coming out?

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We do not have an ETA yet. Sorry.

Will there be an alpha?

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Yes there will be an alpha. We do not have an ETA for it neither. Please subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date or follow us on YouTube for Updates!

Is this a Survival Game?

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Projekt Z is not a traditional survival game. You will have to do resource management in order to build up your hub in order to gain bonuses and progress through the game's story.

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