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Q: What kind of game is Projekt Z™: Beyond Order?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order is an atmospheric First-Person Zombie Co-Op-Shooter set in WW2. Play as a diverse crew of survivors, each with their own unique abilities, to unravel the secrets of the Nazi-controlled island. Build up your Hideout and manage your survivors to fight against the Projekte that the Nazis have created.

Q: Who is developing Projekt Z™: Beyond Order?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will be developed by 314 Arts, a German Game Development Studio.

Q: Does Projekt Z™: Beyond Order have a publisher?

A: Yes, Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will be published by Modus Games.

A: On which platforms will Projekt Z™ available on?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will be available on PC/Steam, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5.

Q: Is there a censorship setting in the game?

A: At this time of development, we’re discussing the option for a censorship setting, so that everybody has the opportunity to play Projekt Z™: Beyond Order.

Q: Does Projekt Z™: Beyond Order have a release date?

A: We’re aiming to release Projekt Z™: Beyond Order in 2025.

Q: Can I test Projekt Z™: Beyond Order myself?

A: You can participate in a closed playtest provided by our publisher, Modus Games, and give valuable feedback for the development of Projekt Z: Beyond Order™.


Q: What type of multiplayer modes does Projekt Z™ have?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will offer three different modes to play online with your friends: Local, Online and Shared Hideout.

Q: Can I play Projekt Z™: Beyond Order solo?

A: Projekt Z: Beyond Order is build from the ground up to play online with your friends, but you can also play as a solo.

Q: Is there crossplay, and can I transfer my saves between gaming platforms?

A:Yes, there is crossplay between platforms.

Q: Is Projekt Z™: Beyond Order an open world game?

A: Projekt Z: Beyond Order™ is not an open world experience.

Q: How many playable characters can I play in Projekt Z™: Beyond™ Order?

A: We have four different characters, each with their own story mission and background and class abilities.

Q: How many weapons does Projekt Z™: Beyond Order have?

A: Projekt Z™: Beyond Order will have over 20 weapons, each with a variety of customization options at launch.

Q: Can I customize every weapon?

A: Yes, you can customize every weapon as long as you have the right blueprint for the attachment.

Q: What is the purpose of the Hideout?

A: The Hideout is a central hub in the game world. Here you can prepare for your next mission, craft and modify weapons, craft items and team up with friends. The Hideout offers a community that you control, which has needs that need to be met. Build stations to increase morale, grow food, upgrade weapons and make yourself popular with the locals.

Q: Can I build structures in my hideout?

A: Yes, you can build structures in your Hideout.

Q: What structures can I build in my Hideout?

A: In the Hideout, you can build different stations for your survivors. For example, you can build a water purification station that boosts the morale of your community. You can also choose to upgrade your Weapons Merchant, which gives you access to a better arsenal. You have to decide how to deal with your community.


Q: I have an idea for Projekt Z™: Beyond Order, where can I get in contact with the developers?

A: We’re always looking for valuable feedback for our development. You can post your ideas and requests on our official Discord Server.

Q: Can I participate in play tests, alphas, or betas?

A: Yes, you can participate in upcoming play tests provided by our publisher, Modus Games.
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Q: Do Projekt Z™: Beyond Order offer a content creator program?

A: Yes, please contact us via Discord about a potential collaboration.

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