The Art of Projekt Z - Zombie Character Design
02 April 2022

The Art of Projekt Z - Zombie Character Design

Before we tell you more about the individual types, We will first give you a rundown of the general information on the zombies. We decided that the appearance of the zombies is more resembling bacterial and viral infections and less so fungi and that their appearance is influenced by the environment they reside in. This means in military areas they might have barbed wire caught on them, in swamps they might have different and more extreme types of infections and mold on them, and so forth.

The Art of Zombie Character Design

We are exploring many ideas and creating a diverse pool of Zombies while keeping the historic setting in mind. The ones below are based on SS Soldiers and show you various states of the zombie type and how this particular zombie could be iterated on to create multiple unique zombies.

The normal Zombie variant

The Swalling Zombie

Another similar sheet shows one of the Special Mutations we have been cooking up. The zombie I'm talking about can't see and relies on his incredible hearing sense. The crackling noise of their radio communication devices is a dead giveaway that you have to watch out for. If they become more aware of your presence, the crackling will become more intense and stable as they try to make out your location, and if they find you, they will alarm any zombie nearby of your presence quickly, endangering your mission. But enough of diseases and danger.

The Art of Projekt Z - Zombie Character Design