The Art of Projekt Z - The Level Design
29 March 2022

The Art of Projekt Z - The Level Design

Hey Survivors, in today's blog, we are talking about the level design and what we think is the best way to combine all of the playstyles into one mission. It's crucial to have a good understanding of the players and to have a good balance between action and stealth opportunities.

The Art of Level Design

We want to mix the Level Design of L4D, EFT, and other games in the zombie genre. Usually, a mission will start with a linear design and few options for looting here and there, but the focus of the first part is more about going crazy or going stealthily.

After that, the level design will lead you to the second section of the map, which is more open but still linear. It is designed to feel open, with areas where you can explore, loot, and find AI survivors. The third section is the most interesting one. After the second section, you will see a very open level that you can compare to an ETF map. You can compare the size of that section with the map "customs" from EFT. In this section, you can do whatever you want, you can explore, you can kill and loot zombies, you can find other AI survivors, and you can do side-mission, and all of that is happening in the third section of our level design. If it is a "Supply Mission" the player can choose when he wants to end the mission. If he is ready to go back, he can call some of his HUB (An AI Survivor, to be particular) to pick him up. After that, you have to go to one of the exit points you've got from the AI that picks you up. Our levels are designed to fit every play style and every player. It's important to know that our level design will not have the same pattern every time. We still want to reserve the creative freedom to swap some sections here and there.

The Art of Projekt Z - The Level Design