Projekt Z Cloud Gaming & Audio Feedback - Kickstarter Milestone
05 Aprll 2022

Projekt Z Cloud Gaming & Audio Feedback - Kickstarter Milestone

Hey Survivors. Thank you so much for the great feedback on Devlog #5. Just 24h after the Devlog went live we got flooded by the Stadia community, which asked us to bring the game to stadia. After seeing that, we instantly discussed how much work it would be and if it was worth it. And the answer is yes.

Milestone 1 (Cloud Gaming)

Stadia and GeForce Now will be the first milestone of our Kickstarter campaign. The first milestone isn't that far away from the initial funding goal. The Stadia / Cloud Gaming milestone is reached when the Kickstarter campaign gets 105% of the funding! That means Projekt Z will be available on day one for Stadia / Geforce Now when the Kickstarter reaches 105%!


The Sound

We also got a lot of feedback regarding the game's audio. After reading more and more comments about it, we took a look into it, and we think we found the problem, Steam-Audio. Here is a short video where you can see the result of the changes:

Of course, this is just the first step in making the sound of Projekt Z better. The problems are coming from the Steam Audio Engine, but we think we are making steps in the right direction. As of right now, we are trying to fix and tweak things to get the best possible audio. Feel free to tell us your opinion on our changes!

Our Kickstarter

Don't forget to save our Kickstarter campaign! The Kickstarter will go live on April 29th at 2 pm CEST!

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Projekt Z Cloud Gaming & Audio Feedback - Kickstarter Milestone